How to catch a Barramundi in Darwin

The secret to a successful Barramundi fishing trip is mostly being in the right place at the right time. Knowing where to fish, where the drop off’s are where the big predators lay waiting to strike. Most of us think we have these things figured out, that’s until the fish change the rules or move the goal post so to speak.

Barramundi fishing is so popular with all anglers but especially with sport fishers because of the Barramundi well earned reputation of being a great fighting fish. High leaps, strong runs, tail shakes and and an unpredictable ability to shake the hook, no matter how well you thought you had hooked him.

Barramundi fishing means thrills and action from the time you flick the lure to the time you get the strike and bingo it’s all go.

The real art in catching a Barramundi is fishing the right location and understanding to get the basics right first. Barramundi aren’t fussy eaters. they love live bait (mullet is popular) and also respond well to all kinds of lures and even take dead bait.

Large minnow styled lures work well in the shallow waters. Around snags lures that get down to two to four metres can be very effective and they also work well for trolling big river systems. The noisy popper or fizzer style lures can also work a treat, and are good for night fishing when visibility is poor.

We find that most anglers up here in Darwin like the newer soft plastic lures, they tend to be popular with the Barramundi.

The colour of the lure is your choice most of the time it comes down to preference and angler luck.

Barramundi are around all year, but they hang out in different places at different times of the year, and they are definitely more plentiful during the warmer summer months.

You need to put in a bit more effort if you want to land a big one during the dry. The colder the water the harder it gets, so to experience Barramundi fishing first hand visit the team of Barramundi professionals at Clearwater Island Lodge Darwin.

Posted on Monday, 4th April 2011 in the Barramundi Fishing category.