Sport Fishing Resort and Wilderness Lodge

Unbelievable remote fishing like you’ve never experienced before!

Clearwater Island Lodge provides the “ultimate fishing adventure” for fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels. All types of fishing are catered for, whether it be lure, fly, bluewater, reef or estuaries.

The reason Clearwater Island Lodge has gained the reputation for being the “hot spot” in Australian fishing locations, is because of the huge diversity in fishing at this part of the Top End. After all, where else can one indulge in awesome estuary fishing in the morning and then enjoy the exhilaration of bluewater action in the afternoon!

A Huge Array of Fish Species

Time after time, we hear plaudits such as “the fishing here is just sensational!” And that’s not just because our guests are fishing in very lightly fished areas around the Tiwi Islands, but it is also because the ambience of the great Australian wilderness is something straight out of an adventure movie.

Surrounded by pristine beauty, your fishing adventure will include experiencing spectacular clear water, coral reefs, pristine white beaches, Flats and rock-bars. Our waters are teeming with much sought-after tropical species such as Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon, Blue Salmon, Golden Trevally, Queenfish, Golden Snapper, Mangrove Jack, Black Jewfish and many others.

You’ll be amazed at the serenity of this untouched region of Australia, with the silence being broken only by your catch or by the wonderful noises of the local birds and other wildlife.

Say g’day to a crocodile or two!

Whilst you’re likely to see wildlife such as turtles, dugong and crabs, there’s every likelihood that you will also see another of the Top End’s famous inhabitants, namely the salt water and fresh water crocodile! So make sure you bring your digital and video cameras with you, as you’ll want to record your memorable encounter with one of nature’s wildest beasts!

Made famous around the world by the likes of Paul Hogan and the late, great, Steve Irwin, the Australian crocodile is one of the most feared creatures of the Top End. With their distinctive features, these cold-blooded reptiles are in large quantities in this part of Australia. Being the key predators at the top of the food chain, the likes of Barramundi, sea eagles, goannas and turtles are always on the look-out for crocs, being ideal prey.

But don’t worry – our boats are large, high-sided and purpose-built, to provide complete safety.

Other exciting possible sightings whilst on your fishing trip, might be the likes of feeding dolphins, cruising sharks, the occasional whale and giant turtles. Indeed, everyone loves discovering turtle eggs hidden on a remote beach, so be prepared to go back home with some awesome photographs or videos!

Remote fishing at it’s best

As you know, it’s hard to find anything that matches the thrill of pulling a large fish into your boat. (And of course, capturing the moment with a quick photograph!) And given that you’ll be testing your angling skills in Barramundi-infested estuaries and rock-bars, rest assured that you’ll be featuring in quite a few boastful photographs! And keep in mind that one of your challenges throughout the day will be deciding what fish you would like to enjoy for your evening meal!

Of course, the Barramundi is the icon fish of the tropics and the population of Barras in our area is simply spectacular. The Barramundi is truly the King of Australia’s sport fish and can grow to more than 30 kilos at full size.

Given the look on our guests’ faces when they catch a Barramundi, it is obviously the dream of many anglers to land one of these spectacularly beautiful fish!

But of course, there’s plenty more to fishing at Clearwater Island Lodge than just Barramundi. Other species prolific in our estuary and river systems include Spanish Mackerel, Golden Snapper, Queenfish, Giant Trevally, Coral Trout, Mangrove Jack, Long Tail Tuna and many other types.

Fishing guides

Our fully qualified and experienced fishing guides are amongst the most professional and knowledgeable in the fishing world. Our guides will generally accompany two or three anglers in a boat, providing their expertise throughout the day in terms of “finding the right spots” and using the “right equipment”. They are at the coal face of your fishing experience and work tirelessly to put you onto the fish.

Remote fishing spots:

When your fully qualified guide takes you out for your day’s fishing, you’re likely to enjoy a number of diverse habitats. From the magnificent bluewater and reef fishing to the estuary systems and rock-bars (with deep holes of up to 200 feet), you’ll experience numerous different “types” of fishing locations.

It’s likely that you’ll enjoy angling in mangrove-lined creeks that are home to the mighty Barra and of course, to the salt-water crocodile! And then there are broad swamps and wetlands which are covered in geese, ducks and other waterfowl.

One thing you can be assured of is that no matter where you go, there will be plenty – and we mean plenty – of fish!

Depending upon the circumstances of the day, your guide may take you to some secret inlets, billabongs and fishing spots known only to the indigenous locals!

Boats and motors

The Clearwater Island Lodge fleet consists of seven (7) versatile all-round craft with another 2 currently being built to add to our fleet which are suited to both enclosed and open waters. Uppermost in our priorities is of course your comfort and safety. Because 4-stroke motors are clean-running and fuel-efficient, we have hand-picked these models for our fleet.

For sports anglers, these boats are literally the ‘top of the range’ and are suited to a variety of fishing environments, fresh or salt water. Our vessels are purpose-built fully surveyed sports fishing boats which give an improved ride in rough water. Our boats offer excellent stability during fishing and one of their advantages is their “quietness” – an important thing when one is around sensitive fish.

All of our boats are centre-console, with fully carpeted decks and sides. The under floor storage is large and each has a spacious rod locker for fishing rods.

All fishing equipment provided

No need to bring any fishing equipment with you. Your package includes the provision of fishing rods, lures and any other necessary equipment to help you make those big catches!