“I believe Clearwater Island Lodge to be amongst the most spectacular fishing destinations I have ever been to! (And I have certainly been to quite a few!)

The facilities are very comfortable and the dining has to be seen to be believed! If you enjoy a seafood platter, you’re going to be blown away by the culinary delights which this Lodge will offer you every day. And if you enjoy fishing for giant Barramundi, look no further, you have found your fishing Mecca!

Every chance I get, I return to explore the Barramundi-filled estuaries which surround this fabulous fishing lodge. I must also say that the Black Jewfish of this region are also the very best I have found anywhere.

As a much-travelled TV Fishing Presenter, I believe I am well qualified to cast judgment on fishing lodges. Believe me, this place is Australia’s premier fishing location and probably one of the most spectacular in the world!”

Rex Hunt
TV Presenter

“My team and myself believe that this was the best fishing trip we have ever experienced and would have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who wants to enjoy the fishing expedition of a lifetime!”

The food was absolutely sensational, with the Barra, Golden Snapper and Chilli Crab being my favourites! The service and professionalism of our hosts and guides were second to none. Thanks once again for my fishing experience of a lifetime!”

Richard Konarski
C.E.O. Quest Apartments

“The fishing is absolutely superb and I have to say that Rex Hunt is right about it being Australia’s premier fishing spot.

And I must say that having lectured in customer service and hospitality for many years, even I had something to learn from your terrific operation. You have a genuine desire to build rapport with your guests and continually exceed customer’s expectations.

I look forward to another trip to your amazing location as soon as possible.”

Nick Suriano
Quest Apartments

“In my opinion, Clearwater Island Lodge is one of Australia’s premier fishing destinations. The scenic location, the cuisine and awesome fishing easily places this lodge into my top 5 fishing locations within Australia.

It’s an adventure in a wilderness environment which you will never forget!

Mark Berg
Fishing Journalist and TV Producer

“My fellow presenter, Curtis, and myself get to visit some amazing places when filming our ‘Surfing The Menu’ TV program. However, Clearwater Island Lodge is certainly amongst the very best locations we have filmed at.

We both love fishing and good food – and at Clear Water Island Lodge, you get both! The fishing environment is pristine and the hospitality which was shown to us by Michael, Kerri and David was simply first-class. I am really looking forward to coming back to fish in this magic wilderness location as soon as I possibly can.”

Ben O’Donogohue
Surfing The Menu TV program

“Clearwater Island Lodge in the Northern Territory is a great location for sensational food and amazing fishing!

The stocks of Black Jewfish and Barramundi are just enormous and the mud crabs at dinner are worth the trip alone!

It truly is a magic fishing location!”

Micha Adams
Fishing Journalist and Author

“Coming from the USA, we didn’t quite know what to expect. All I can say is “wow!” It was the fishing adventure of our lifetime and aside from the magnificent fishing in the nearby estuaries and rivers, the fantastic meals we were served will remain a delightful memory for a long time.

Michael, Kerri and David treated us Americans like royalty and I have never caught so many fish in all my life!

Our trip to Australia was unbelievable, with Clearwater Island Lodge being one of the most memorable and amazing experiences.”

Suze and Jim
Vacationing from the USA

John Collins – JC of Powderfinger

Through my job as the bass guitarist in Powderfinger I have traveled extensively over the last 20 years and have been lucky enough to have some great life experiences. My recent experience fishing on Melville Island while staying at Clearwater Island Lodge was one of my favourites.

From the moment you arrive in this idyllic setting you realise you have landed in a very special place. We were greeted by owners Michael and Kerri and fishing guide Dave. The Lodge itself is perfect for dining and socialising after a fantastic day fishing. The rooms are comfortable with air conditioning and the beds are big enough to sleep sideways if one wishes. The kitchen works on the motto “more is more” when it comes to the food. They were happy to cook fish we had caught each day and we were able to try many beautiful dishes from battered barramundi to grilled or poached Mangrove Jack and Fingermark, as well as the renowned seafood platter.

My passion for fishing was completely fulfilled whilst fishing these pristine waters. If you are a fan of flicking for Barramundi and Jacks you cannot go past the creeks of this magnificent place. Our guide Dave was equally brilliant and his preparedness to keep us on the fish all day is a real testament to the professionalism of Clearwater Island Lodge