Although we are primarily a sport-fishing destination, there are other lodge activities and local experiences which you may care to enjoy. We realise that sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and relax for a couple of hours, so there’s lots of comfortable chairs and lounges for you to wind down with a book or a cold drink.(Or even that afternoon nap!)

Remember that we have plenty of DVD’s available or you may care to simply watch a bit of sport on TV.

And given that our well stocked bar is open all day, there’s always the opportunity to enjoy a nice cold drink!

Tiwi Islands

Other activities which you can enjoy include:

  • A visit to the Arts Centre, where you can view indigenous artwork and collections.
  • Bush walking along the tracks near our lodge, enjoying the local wildlife.
  • Enjoy a night out “Tiwi style“, including Barra spear fishing!
  • Go on a real adventure “croc spotting” with one of the locals.
  • Relax in our spa – perhaps with a cold drink in your hand!
  • Go on a hunting or wildlife trip with one of the local aboriginal hunters.
  • Enjoy a bird watching tour of the bush and surrounding wetlands.
  • Enjoy a short walk to Fort Dundas.
  • Enjoy swimming at a pristine swimming hole.
  • Enjoy a round of Golf “local style” on our unique nine-hole golf course.
  • Mix with the locals and hear about their Dreamtime stories.
  • Go “crabbing” local-style.
  • Enjoy a marine cultural tour and sample bush-tucker such as Mangrove Worms, delicious Mud Crabs, Stingray, and Turtle eggs