A Deep Sea Fishing Experience Like no Other in Darwin


Clearwater Island Lodge is one of the most popular fishing spots in the Northern Territory and attracts hundreds of fishing aficionados all year round. If you are searching for a once in a lifetime Fishing Adventure then Clearwater Island Lodge is the place for you!

While visiting the Northern Territory, you will come accross a huge array of fish species including Barramundi, Blue Salmon, Queenfish, Golden Snapper and many, many more. Even if you don’t catch all of these, you’ll be sure to see them swimming through the deep waters. The untouched wilderness and fish life that the Northern Territory has to offer will leave you speechless and wanting more. While fishing, you’ll also be able to take a moment to observe the beautiful local birds that live along the Darwin shores. Clearwater Island Lodge will provide you with a Deep Sea Fishing Experience that you’ll remember forever!

Although Clearwater Island Lodge is primarily known as a Sport Fishing location, there are a large selection of activities to participate in while staying on the island. For the art lovers there is a Art Centre filled with indigenous artwork and collections, the nature lovers a bush walking tour where you can enjoy the local wildlife and for the sport lovers a “local style” unique golf course. The opportunities at Clearwater Island Lodge are endless and many people find they want to come back for more!

For more information about Clearwater Island Lodge or Deep Sea Fishing in general, contact the friendly team today on +61 08 8978 3783!

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