Clearwater Island Lodge Offer the Best in Barramundi Fishing Adventures

Clearwater Island Lodge has so much to offer in 2022 when it comes to fishing adventures! From deep see fishing, reef fishing, Barramundi fishing, marine & eco cultural experiences here on the amazing Tiwi Islands whatever it is, we will cater for your dream fishing trip! Clearwater Island lodge is located on the majestic Tiwi Islands Melville Islands which is a forty minute flight from Northern Territory’s capital, Darwin. The Island of Smiles here at Clearwater Island Lodge Melville Island is a tropical hidden untouched island paradise where you will feel like you’re on your very own private family getaway! It’s remoteness will leave you de-stressed and far away from all the worries that you left at home! Come Join Us and Relax experiencing the best Barramundi fishing trip of your lifetime right here with our awesome Clearwater Island Lodge Team!

The Northern Territory’s waters are known for the Barramundi! So for the best in Barramundi fishing trips, look nowhere else other than Clearwater Island Lodge for the best experience on the Tiwi Islands we are rated as the No 1 destination in fishing trips to the Tiwi’s with over 20 years experience always supporting community employment & development for everyones future! Get in touch with the staff at Clearwater Island Lodge on (08) 8978 3783 to book your ultimate Barramundi trip to the Tiwi Islands you will not be disappointed.

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