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Book Your Million Dollar Barramundi Fishing Trip to Clearwater Island Lodge 2022


Now you have 7 Million Dollar Reasons

Why you have to GO BARRAMUNDI FISHING at Clearwater Island Lodge!

Million Dollar Fish

We are very excited about seeing one or many of our fishing clients catching a tagged Barramundi

right here in our awesome fishing grounds on the Tiwi Islands at Clearwater Island Lodge.

To Kick Off the Celebrations we are offering a Once Off Special just for all you very keen fishermen and fisherladies.

All you have to do is Book One of our Obsessive Fisherman’s Package and we will give you

an extra day’s fishing Free Of Charge. 

Click Here to Check on Availability 

” Could the $1,000,000 Barramundi be here at Clearwater ? Very possible…

Clearwater Island Lodge is one of the few Lodges in the NT that is open all year round.

Wet Season Barramundi Fishing at Clearwater Island Lodge 


Remember you do need to be registered before you start fishing – it’s a short 2 minute process which can be done here.

Now you really do have A Million Reasons Why you have to Go Barramundi Fishing with us.

To take advantage of this special please call us on +61 8 89783783 or email us at


Clearwater Island Lodge Offer the Best in Barramundi Fishing Adventures

Clearwater Island Lodge has so much to offer in 2022 when it comes to fishing adventures! From deep see fishing, reef fishing, Barramundi fishing, marine & eco cultural experiences here on the amazing Tiwi Islands whatever it is, we will cater for your dream fishing trip! Clearwater Island lodge is located on the majestic Tiwi Islands Melville Islands which is a forty minute flight from Northern Territory’s capital, Darwin. The Island of Smiles here at Clearwater Island Lodge Melville Island is a tropical hidden untouched island paradise where you will feel like you’re on your very own private family getaway! It’s remoteness will leave you de-stressed and far away from all the worries that you left at home! Come Join Us and Relax experiencing the best Barramundi fishing trip of your lifetime right here with our awesome Clearwater Island Lodge Team!

The Northern Territory’s waters are known for the Barramundi! So for the best in Barramundi fishing trips, look nowhere else other than Clearwater Island Lodge for the best experience on the Tiwi Islands we are rated as the No 1 destination in fishing trips to the Tiwi’s with over 20 years experience always supporting community employment & development for everyones future! Get in touch with the staff at Clearwater Island Lodge on (08) 8978 3783 to book your ultimate Barramundi trip to the Tiwi Islands you will not be disappointed.

Deep Sea Barramundi Fishing in Darwin with Clearwater Island Lodge

Happy Catch

Clearwater Island Lodge located in the Northern Territory is renowned for its Deep Sea Fishing Charters. It doesn’t matter if you have little experience in Deep Sea Fishing, or have never fished at all, for that matter.

Clearwater Island Lodge ensures that fisherman on all levels experience the beauty and excitement of Deep Sea Fishing on Darwin’s waters while at the Lodge. Along with Deep Sea Fishing there are various other fishing sports that can be experienced at Clearwater Island Lodge. These include Darwin’s famous Barramundi Fishing, Blue Water Fishing, Estuary Fishing and Mangrove Fishing.

Some of the most experienced Fisherman Guides reside at Clearwater Island Lodge. They will be there to make your Deep Sea Fishing Experience just that little bit more memorable. And you may even be lucky to explore some of the secret inlets, billabongs and fishing spots that only the locals know about! The Fishing possibilities are endless at Clearwater Island Lodge.
Don’t wait any longer! If you are seeking the ideal Deep Sea Fishing Experience than contact the expert team at Clearwater Island Lodge on +61 08 8978 3783.

An Unforgettable Getaway for Barramundi Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing


Experience the most unforgettable fishing getaway of your life! When book your fishing trip with Clearwater Island Lodge you will be provided with the ultimate fishing experience. With a short thirty minute flight from Darwin to Clearwater’s destination off the Melville Islands, you will enjoy a scenic flight over the Northern Territory’s serene waters. Renowned for their fishing charters, Clearwater’s company will exceed expectations when taking you on the fishing trip to remember! Not only is Clearwater known for their fishing charters but what blows people away even more are their fishing adventures. With Barramundi fishing as one of their specialties due to the high number of Barra in Darwin’s waters, they are also well known for their deep seas fishing adventures. Deep Sea fishing is a thrilling an exciting experience for all! Think of all the possibilities that you could catch from the deepest seas!

Whether you want to go on a fishing trip for the Barramundi or for Deep Sea fishing, you will feel the ultimate getaway when staying at Clearwater’s cabins. With accommodation featuring twin share, triple share or double, you can have the time of your life with your friends! Located on the water, you will relax and enjoy the picturesque views from your very own room. All fitted with maximised comfort including air conditioning and pay tv, you will really feel like you’re on holiday!

To book into the ultimate fishing experience that you can ever imagine, call the team at Clearwater Island Lodge today on 08 8978 3783.

Deep Sea Fishing Trip Clearwater Island Lodge

Rod Bending Catch

Notable for its incredible Deep Sea Fishing Charters, Clearwater Island Lodge offers the best Deep Sea Fishing in Darwin as well as Barramundi fishing, Blue water fishing, Estuary fishing and Mangrove fishing. We are located in the Northern Territory, one of the best spots in Australia for catching a vast range of fish. The specific location of our business is on the beautiful, tropical island of Melville which is only a 30 minute scenic flight from Darwin.

We offer accommodation for our guests which consists of twin-share, triple-share or double bed rooms, all air-conditioned to provide you with the highest level of comfort. Our lodges also contain comfy lounges, pay TV, bar and dining areas which over look the Apsley Straight waterway giving you sensational views all day long.

Your fishing experience will be that of a ‘personalised’ adventure in prestigious environments. Barramundi are the regular captures, many are over one metre in length and they taste just incredible!

You may not have much experience in Deep Sea Fishing, however we ensure that fishermen on all different levels are assisted and given advice on the best fishing tips and skills.

Your visit to the Clearwater Island Lodge will be unique, exciting and adventurous! You will experience new fish, fishing techniques and view some of the most beautiful sights you will ever see. If this sounds like your kind of trip, don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff today on 61 08 8978 3783.

Sport Fishing Adventures at Clearwater Island Fishing Lodge Darwin

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If you are looking for the best Barramundi Fishing in Australia, you can’t go past Clearwater Island Lodge Barramundi Fishing Adventures. Recommended world wide by sport fishing experts including Rex Hunt and Andrew Ettinghausen as a world class fishing lodge, Clearwater Island is a must do fishing experience for all those in search of the Mightly Barra!

Clearwater Island Fishing Lodge offers exclusive fishing experience into local waterways of Melville Island in Australia’s Northern Territory. Every step of your fishing journey will take you breath away. The 30 minute scenie flight from Darwin to the outskirts of Pirlangimpi, a historic Aboriginal settlement belonging to the Tiwi People, of which the collection of Islands are named.

One of these Tiwi Islands, Melville Island houses world renowned Clearwater Island Fishing Lodge. Melville Island is Australia’s second largest island after Tasmania and features a variety of winding rivers, creeks, sand flats, estuaries and coastal reefs all home to spectacular array of fish species.

Due to the exclusive right to tourist fishing, at Clearwater Island Lodge there are fish you can catch!
You’ll likely catch one or more of the much sought-after tropical species including the Great Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon, Blue Salmon, Golden Trevally, Queenfish, Golden Snapper, Mangrove Jack, Black Jewfish and many others.

For a fishing adventure you will never forget contact Clearwater Island Lodge on +61 08 8978 3783– the best Barramundi Fishing in Australia (we’d even go so far as to say the world!). Don’t miss out, book today!

A Deep Sea Fishing Experience Like no Other in Darwin


Clearwater Island Lodge is one of the most popular fishing spots in the Northern Territory and attracts hundreds of fishing aficionados all year round. If you are searching for a once in a lifetime Fishing Adventure then Clearwater Island Lodge is the place for you!

While visiting the Northern Territory, you will come accross a huge array of fish species including Barramundi, Blue Salmon, Queenfish, Golden Snapper and many, many more. Even if you don’t catch all of these, you’ll be sure to see them swimming through the deep waters. The untouched wilderness and fish life that the Northern Territory has to offer will leave you speechless and wanting more. While fishing, you’ll also be able to take a moment to observe the beautiful local birds that live along the Darwin shores. Clearwater Island Lodge will provide you with a Deep Sea Fishing Experience that you’ll remember forever!

Although Clearwater Island Lodge is primarily known as a Sport Fishing location, there are a large selection of activities to participate in while staying on the island. For the art lovers there is a Art Centre filled with indigenous artwork and collections, the nature lovers a bush walking tour where you can enjoy the local wildlife and for the sport lovers a “local style” unique golf course. The opportunities at Clearwater Island Lodge are endless and many people find they want to come back for more!

For more information about Clearwater Island Lodge or Deep Sea Fishing in general, contact the friendly team today on +61 08 8978 3783!